Whether you’re looking for a new EHS technology solution or looking to update an existing one, selecting the right software from a crowded field of vendors is a difficult and time-consuming task. To minimize risks, you need to make informed decisions based on the solutions which best fit your business requirements. A Verdantix subscription gives you access to impartial research, supplier benchmarks and guides, in-depth analysis, best practice case studies and much more, to enable you to make the best-informed buying and managing decisions possible.

  • Global Corporate Survey 2019: EHS Mid-Market Technology Preferences

    Published 31 Mar 2020 by Steve Bolton, Yaowen Ma
    EHS Mobile Apps EHS Software Incident Management Global Survey
    This report helps environment, health and safety (EHS) executives in mid-market firms—revenues between $250 million and $1 billion—benchmark their firms’ EHS budgets, investments priorities and technology use relative to their global peer group. Executives at EHS consulting and technology providers also can use the survey findings to support their strategic decision-making and business planning. Verdantix gathered th…
  • Smart Innovators: Software For Industrial Hygiene And Occupational Health

    Published 23 Mar 2020 by Kel Udeala, Steve Bolton
    EHS Analytics EHS Mobile Apps EHS Software Industrial Hygiene Industrial Wearables Occupational Health Worker Safety Smart Innovators
    This report provides corporate decision-makers and buyers of industrial hygiene (IH) and occupational health (OH) software with an overview of the current market—highlighting technology trends, innovations, opportunities and growth areas to anticipate. The IH and OH software landscape has transitioned from one-size-fits-all enterprise solutions to solutions that are specially developed to meet the needs of industrial…
  • Market Overview: The Evolving Universe Of EHS Mobile Apps

    Published 19 Mar 2020 by Molly Blackwell, Steve Bolton
    EHS Mobile Apps EHS Software Incident Management Worker Safety Market Overview
    This report helps firms understand the current EHS mobile app landscape and helps vendors enhance their knowledge around the EHS mobile app capabilities that end-users desire. Over 10 years ago, mobile EHS applications were at the start of conceptualization as touchscreen mobile devices were newly introduced to the market. As proliferation of these devices soared and the portfolio of mobile applications grew, EHS ven…
  • Strategic Focus: Incorporating Technology Into The Hierarchy Of Controls

    Published 04 Feb 2020 by Bill Pennington, Steve Bolton
    Connected Worker Devices EHS Learning & Training EHS Software Industrial Wearables Risk Assessment Worker Safety Strategic Focus
    This report provides corporate EHS managers with insight for incorporating EHS technology into the hierarchy of controls for worker safety. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that, in the US alone, there are approximately three million workplace injuries each year. Emerging EHS technology is providing firms with means of preventing injuries through hazard management. This report considers how new technology is …
  • Strategic Focus: Justifying Budget For Industrial Wearables

    Published 04 Feb 2020 by Kel Udeala, Steve Bolton
    Connected Worker Devices EHS Analytics Industrial Wearables Vital Sign Monitoring Wearables Worker Safety Strategic Focus
    This report helps corporate EHS managers understand best practices in obtaining budgets for industrial wearable devices, while also highlighting the key challenges that confront firms during this process. With increased visibility into the critical success factors for budget justification, this report also will support EHS managers in developing robust business cases. The industrial wearables market is experiencing s…
  • How To Select The Correct EHS Software Application For Your Business (Webinar)

    Published 23 Jan 2020 by Sarah Bloch, Stuart Neumann
    EHS Software Webinar
    This webinar is designed for corporates looking to select or assess EHS software. We will share insights from our competitive benchmark (Green Quadrant) on EHS software, detailing the key functionality you should expect from EHS software and how the capabilities of the different vendors compare. We will also provide our best practice recommendations on the overall approach for selecting and implementing EHS software,…
  • 2020 Benchmark For Corporate EHS Technology Budgets & Priorities (Webinar)

    Published 16 Jan 2020 by Bill Pennington, Yaowen Ma
    EHS Learning & Training EHS Mobile Apps EHS Regulatory Content EHS Services EHS Software Webinar
    This webinar provides insights into the 2020 technology investment plans, strategies and priorities for 403 corporate EHS decision-makers. The global interview set covers 35 countries and 25 industries. Of these respondents, 79% represented firms with annual revenues exceeding $1 billion and two-thirds held role titles of director or above. This year marks the seventh iteration of the Verdantix global corporate EHS l…
  • EHS Software Market Heading For A Big Realignment In 2020

    Published 19 Dec 2019 by David Metcalfe, Sarah Bloch
    EHS Software Strategic Focus
    This report provides current customers of EHS software vendors and EHS managers considering making an investment with guidance on how to make the best purchase decisions in the context of an evolving market. From 2000 onwards both financial investors and corporate groups got involved in the EHS software market without significantly impacting market dynamics. But from 2015 onwards, far bigger private equity funds move…
  • Buyer’s Guide: Digital Health And Safety Training Solutions

    Published 06 Dec 2019 by Bill Pennington, Steve Bolton
    EHS Learning & Training EHS Mobile Apps EHS Software Worker Safety Market Overview
    In the US, a worker is injured every seven seconds, which equates to 12,900 workers per day and 4.7 million injured workers each year. Firms look to utilize health and safety training to help reduce this alarming rate of workplace injuries. This report outlines currently available technologies for corporate managers responsible for selecting, implementing and managing health and safety training platforms. This analys…
  • Market Overview: The Rise Of Digitized EHS Services

    Published 28 Nov 2019 by Sarah Bloch, Steve Bolton
    EHS Analytics EHS Services Worker Safety Market Overview
    This report provides a strategic overview of the current state of digitized EHS services and highlights trends impacting the market. Using survey data from 403 EHS decision-makers and interviews with key market players, this report helps guide industry participants through this complex landscape. Disruptive macroeconomic factors and the digital revolution are reshaping ‘business as usual’ in the EHS services market—b…
  • Smart Innovators: EHS Analytics In The IoT Age

    Published 21 Oct 2019 by Sarah Bloch, Steve Bolton
    EHS Analytics EHS Learning & Training EHS Software Incident Management Industrial Wearables Worker Safety Smart Innovators
    This report helps corporate decision-makers at all levels within the EHS function to better understand the drivers and challenges of the market for EHS analytics while also highlighting capabilities that are available, high-growth areas in the market and a roadmap for future innovations across the technological landscape. Firms seek to improve their analytical capabilities to alleviate key resource constraints and de…
  • Strategic Focus: Global EHS Software Implementation

    Published 21 Aug 2019 by Isabel Velasco, Steve Bolton
    EHS Services EHS Software Strategic Focus
    This report is one of a series in which Verdantix identifies specific topics that EHS executives should understand and for which they should start to develop strategies and align resources. This particular Verdantix study is a spin-off from the recently published report Best Practices For EHS Software Implementation Services. Verdantix finds large enterprise firms (with more than $1billion in revenue) tend to employ …
  • Market Overview: EHS & Industry 4.0

    Published 22 Jul 2019 by Bill Pennington, Steve Bolton
    EHS Analytics EHS Mobile Apps EHS Software Industrial Wearables Worker Safety Market Overview
    Over the last 30 years, advanced electrical devices and software have allowed for automation, tracking and management of industrial processes, leading to reduced costs, increased production and expansion of widespread supply chains. We now enter a new revolution, called Industry 4.0, which empowers how industries can operate in the new digital age. Industry 4.0 incorporates cutting edge-technologies, interconnected m…
  • Best Practices For EHS Software Implementation Services

    Published 15 Jul 2019 by Isabel Velasco, Steve Bolton
    EHS Services EHS Software Best Practices
    This report provides corporate managers with best practice advice for implementing EHS software, particularly for firms obtaining support from a consulting provider. To capture best practices, Verdantix undertook 19 interviews with EHS, quality and IT managers and senior executives heavily involved in software implementation processes and decision-making, as well as ten heads of practices at EHS consulting firms. Ver…
  • Connecting EHS And Sustainability Disclosures For Organizational Objectives

    Published 05 Jul 2019 by Sarah Bloch, Steve Bolton
    Air Emissions EHS Analytics EHS Software GHG Emissions Product Sustainability Sustainability Management Water & Waste Water Strategic Focus
    Sustainability historically focused on environmental indicators but has since evolved to encompass a broad range of environmental, social and governance issues. These metrics have become increasingly important in corporate reporting. Although primarily still voluntary, sustainability disclosures have become a competitive necessity in many industries, and help corporate stakeholders measure firms’ long-term value crea…
  • Green Quadrant EHS Software 2019

    Published 26 Mar 2019 by Steve Bolton, Yaowen Ma
    Air Emissions EHS Mobile Apps EHS Software Incident Management Industrial Hygiene Occupational Health Safety Data Sheets Water & Waste Water Green Quadrant
    Impartial benchmark of EHS software suppliers, helping you to compare, evaluate and select the best solution for your business. This report provides Verdantix's fifth detailed, fact-based comparison of the most prominent EHS software vendors in the market. Based on the proprietary Verdantix Green Quadrant methodology, the analysis was based on three-hour live product demonstrations with pre-set scenarios as well as vendor responses to a 383-point questionnaire covering 10 technical capabilities, 18 functional capabilities and 11 market moment…
  • The Business Case For EHS Software

    Published 19 Mar 2018 by Trevor Bronson
    EHS Software Market Overview
    The 2017 Verdantix global survey of 382 EHS decision-makers found that 87% consider information technology is either ‘essential’ or ‘valuable’ for EHS management. But only 36% of those surveyed said that they used commercial EHS software. One of the core reasons for this disparity is the difficulty heads of EHS have in securing additional funding of $200,000 to $800,000 for an EHS software project. Recogniz…

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