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Environment, Health & Safety

Focuses on the technology and services that enable corporations to improve  their performance across environment, health, safety, product stewardship  and supply chain stewardship. Research coverage includes product benchmarks, market segmentation analysis, market size and forecast, and annual surveys of decision makers throughout the value chain. View our latest research

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Operational Excellence

Focuses on technologies and integrated systems that enable firms with a portfolio of industrial assets to apply better risk controls which enable higher levels of production without compromising safety. Research covers ORM software, industrial wearables, digital twins simulations, real-time dynamic risk models, IT/OT integration, IIoT and unmanned aerial vehicles. View our latest research

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Smart Buildings

Focuses on software, intelligent building technologies and services that enable real estate stakeholders – from investors to occupiers – to optimize the value and performance of buildings in their portfolios. Research coverage includes product benchmarks, market segmentation analysis, supplier databases and annual surveys of decision makers throughout the value chain. View our latest research

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Verdantix Coverage

Explore the 4 areas that make up Verdantix



An indispensable source of insight and validation for hundreds of professionals in EHS, operations, real estate, facilities and energy management roles.

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Discover our latest analysis thoughts & opinions about what’s happening in your markets this week. We offer a range of products and services from weekly newsletters to multiple webinars each month.

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Advisory & Consulting

Our consulting services leverage the Verdantix research and data assets, built up over many years, covering environment, health & safety, sustainability, operational excellence and smart building technologies.

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Verdantix hosts multiple events each year for professionals from diverse industries to share thought lead discussions and insights in their respective fields. Each of our three core research practices offer a wide range of benefits for attendees and sponsors.

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