Bentley Systems’ Unique Heritage Opens Up Asset Reliability Opportunities

Published 16 December 2019 by David Metcalfe &

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Executive Summary

Improving asset reliability is a core component of virtually every firm’s operational excellence framework. To meet this requirement, over the last ten years infrastructure software specialist Bentley Systems has invested in the development of a fully-fledged asset performance management (APM) software application. The AssetWise product contains content, workflow and analytics to support the end-to-end asset reliability process. The APM software is partnered by the digital twin PlantSight application as well as the ContextCapture suite which helps generate 3D models. As customers increasingly look for a seamless transition of digital information from the design and engineer phase of capital projects into the operate phase, Bentley Systems is in an ideal position to make this happen. The strategic partnership put in place with Siemens in 2016 has enhanced the potential for Bentley’s AssetWise software to penetrate markets outside built infrastructure. A growing customer expectation for 3D visualizations of entire industrial facilities plays into the historic strengths of the engineering design software offered by Bentley Systems.

Table of contents

Digitization Enables Information To Flow From Design And Engineer To Operate
Bentley Systems Offers A Broad APM Software Application Enhanced By Rich 3D Visualization
The Rise Of 3D User Experiences For APM Puts Bentley Systems In An Enviable Position

About the author

David Metcalfe


David co-founded Verdantix in 2008 and leads the firm’s research and advisory work on the digitization of Operational Excellence which covers software, systems integration, wearables and drones. Prior to founding Verdantix, David was a Senior Vice President at Forrester Research and Head of Analysis and Forecasting for BT. He holds a PhD from Cambridge University in Game Theory and Decision Analysis and worked as a Research Associate at the Harvard Business School.

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