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(EH&S) Environmental Health & Safety Research - Resource Scarcity

EcoVadis Cracks The Code For Supply Chain Stewardship

In December 2016, Partech Ventures, a French-based IT venture capital firm with $850 million under management, announced a minority ownership investment of €30 million (US$32 million) in EcoVadis. This report helps market participants to understand the details of the investment, the reasons behind the successful growth of EcoVadis and the implications for other vendors with an interest in the supply chain stewardship software market. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 17 January 2017

EH&S Services US Market Size And Forecast 2016-2020

This report helps practice leaders, CEOs, executive directors and marketing officers at firms providing EH&S services in the US understand their addressable market opportunity and market shares, develop and validate business strategies, and forecast revenue streams from 13 unique service lines. Verdantix forecasts the US EH&S services market will grow from $15.6 billion in 2016 to $17.2 billion in 2020 at an annualized growth rate of 2.5%. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 29 December 2016

Global EH&S Survey 2016: Product Stewardship And Regulatory Content Brands

This report helps strategy leaders, chief marketing officers and business development directors at suppliers of EH&S regulatory content and product stewardship to measure their brand preference. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 07 December 2016

A Benchmark of U.S. Environmental Services Providers (Webinar)

This Verdantix webinar provides individuals responsible for the selection of environmental services providers with an objective benchmark of 15 major environmental services providers operating within the US market. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Webinar Published: 03 November 2016

Green Quadrant® Environmental Services (US) 2016

This report provides a detailed, fact-based comparison of 15 prominent environmental services providers operating within the US market. Based on the proprietary Verdantix Green Quadrant methodology, the analysis combines benchmark data from a 106-point questionnaire, an independent panel of 15 environmental services customers across eight industries who frequently utilize environmental services providers, interviews with heads of practice from the service providers, and Verdantix market insight. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 19 October 2016

Global EH&S Leaders Survey 2016: Data Tables

This report contains data collected through the Verdantix Global EH&S Leaders Survey 2016 with 301 decision-makers and buyers segmented by region and industry group. Verdantix clients should use this data with the report “Global EH&S Leaders Survey 2016: Budgets And Priorities” for context and to understand the scope of the study. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 11 October 2016

Global EH&S Leaders Survey 2016: Budgets And Priorities

This report provides an in-depth look into the current EH&S landscape – including current budgets, improvement priorities and predicted future spend – across 15 different geographies and 17 unique industry segments. This Verdantix report is for EH&S directors to benchmark EH&S management and budget priorities against other firms in their space and align their strategy with prevailing trends. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 03 October 2016

Product Stewardship Market Size And Forecast 2015 - 2021 (Global)

This report helps CEOs, Heads of Strategy, practice leaders and marketing executives at product stewardship solution providers to understand how this complex web of factors will entwine to drive market evolution through 2021. The insight enables informed strategy development, revenue forecasting and an understanding of current and future market share. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 26 February 2016

Smart Innovators: Product Stewardship Solutions

Product stewardship, the concept of anticipating, addressing and mitigating any negative environmental or health and safety impacts that a product might have at any point in its life cycle, is certainly not a new idea. This report helps decision-makers and executives understand the issues that firms are grappling with at present, issues that will appear in the future, and which solutions, both software and services-based, may be the best-suited to help them overcome those issues. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 31 December 2015

Achilles Provides Platform To Scale Up Supply Chain Sustainability

This report helps executives responsible for procurement and supply chain performance, and corporate sustainability officers to understand how supply chain management solution firm Achilles supports the creation of scalable company-led or sector-led sustainability screening and data gathering in firms’ supply chains. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 12 November 2015

Global EH&S Leaders Survey 2015: Data Tables

This Verdantix Global EH&S Leaders Survey 2015: Budgets and Priorities Data Tables help heads of EH&S to understand environmental strategies, governance approaches, budget allocations, spending trends, and priorities at high-revenue firms worldwide. We interviewed EH&S decision-makers and budget-holders, with job titles such as Director of Health and Safety, Head of EH&S, Head of Environment, and VP of Environment, from 312 firms with revenues of at least $250 million. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 02 October 2015

Global EH&S Survey 2015: Environmental Service Providers

This report helps strategy leaders, Chief Marketing Officers and business development directors at EH&S service providers to measure how corporate EH&S decision-makers perceive their brand and benchmark levels of awareness and engagement. Verdantix interviewed 312 senior EH&S decision-makers. The annual revenues of respondents’ firms were a minimum of $250 million, with 82% of firms having revenues over $1 billion, representing 21 industries and 15 geographies. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 23 September 2015

Global EH&S Leaders Survey 2015: Budgets And Priorities

This report helps heads of EH&S to understand and benchmark their environmental, health and safety strategies, current budgets, improvement priorities and predicted future spending with high revenue firms globally. This report also examines EH&S software market penetration across 12 modules, and the probability of module purchase over the next two years. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 18 September 2015

EH&S Services: US Market Size And Forecast 2015-2020

Verdantix forecasts the US EH&S services market will grow from just over $15 billion in 2015 to $17.7 billion in 2020 at an annualized growth rate of 3.8%. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 11 September 2015

CH2M Uses TNC Collaboration to Propel Green Infrastructure

In August of 2014, CH2M, a global integrated engineering and consulting firm, entered into a five-year collaborative agreement with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in an effort to complete a number of projects involving sustainable development and green infrastructure. Using each other’s internal capabilities, external connections and available resources, the duo hopes to complete a number of flagship-type projects. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 01 July 2015

Greenland's Mining Boom Unlocks Services Opportunities

New opportunities are opening up at the frontier of Greenland’s receding ice sheet for firms to provide environmental, construction and engineering services to mining developments. The ice sheet’s melting in recent years has made deposits of rare earth minerals, gold, iron ore, rubies and uranium accessible for the first time. View Full Details »

Subscribers only Published: 17 September 2014

FEMSA Water Funds Direct Investment In Ecosystem Services

This report provides CSOs and Water Directors operating in water stressed regions with a method to manage ecosystem conservation and water stewardship at the watershed level, and engage stakeholders in the process. View Full Details »

Published: 01 July 2013

PE’s GaBi Exemplifies How Product LCA Can Empower CSOs

Corporate sustainability cannot rely for long on quick win projects. Leading firms move beyond the enterprise view to take a product life cycle approach. This report helps Chief Sustainability Officers (CSOs), VPs of Environment and their colleagues to understand how product life cycle assessment (LCA) software can support different functions to incorporate sustainability considerations into their processes. The report looks specifically at PE International’s GaBi solution. View Full Details »

Published: 18 March 2013

Sustainable Supply Chain Benchmark: Consumer Electronics

The global scope of manufacturing in the consumer electronics sector, the fragmentation of suppliers, the costs involved and the lack of visibility make building a sustainable supply chain a significant endeavour. This report helps decision-makers in supply chain, procurement, corporate communications and sustainability roles to benchmark their sustainable supply chain strategy. View Full Details »

Published: 17 December 2012

CSC Seeks To Monetize Climate Data With Big Data Analytics

This report provides finance directors and risk officers with an independent analysis of CSC’s ClimatEdge launched in June 2012. CSC’s ClimatEdge supports decision-making in the commodity trading and risk management sectors through long-term climate insights. Verdantix selected this subject for detailed study because despite the public availability of long-range climate datasets, commodity traders and investment managers have rarely used them because of their size and complexity. View Full Details »

Published: 28 September 2012

Ice Rush: Making The Arctic Economy Sustainable

Over the past 30 years, scientists have been measuring the melting and freezing of Arctic sea ice. In September 2012, data show a rapid decline in the extent of sea ice during the summer months compared to previous years. View Full Details »

Published: 26 September 2012

Ecometrica Converts Geospatial Data Into Corporate Insights

Increasing scarcity of natural resources has become a material risk for firms with a vertically integrated supply chain. Yet few firms truly understand the holistic impacts of their business operations on land use and natural resources or the future availability of essential raw materials for production. View Full Details »

Published: 28 June 2012

Competitive Benchmark Of US Environmental Services Providers (webinar)

The US environmental services market is evolving in response to regulations, demanding industry requirements, resource price volatility and sustainability trends. View Full Details »

Webinar Published: 11 June 2012

Green Quadrant Environmental Services Providers (US) 2012

This Green Quadrant report provides a detailed fact-based comparison of 20 of the leading environmental services providers in the US. The analysis is based on interviews with 15 buyers representing firms and public authorities with combined revenues and budgets of $1.2 trillion, supplier responses to a 50 point questionnaire and detailed supplier interviews. This study finds that seven providers currently lead the environmental services market: AECOM, AMEC, ARCADIS, CH2M HILL, ERM, SAIC and URS. View Full Details »

Published: 20 May 2012

Product LCA Software Market Forecast 2011-2015 (Europe)

New market entrants, new usage scenarios and new incentives to analyse a product’s life cycle are all driving the European product LCA software market, although the rate of growth and adoption varies between countries. This report helps product LCA software and services suppliers, investors, partners and buyers to forecast revenues streams, plan marketing strategies, define sales strategies, and budget accordingly. View Full Details »

Published: 27 March 2012

IBM Smarter Cities Software Aims To Optimize City Resources

This report helps senior executives within the urban development ecosystem and public sector authorities to understand new products and services that aim to curb the environmental impact of urban communities. On June 6, 2011, IBM publicly launched its Intelligent Operations Center, a software product designed to help city authorities and agencies address the growing pressures on urban systems amidst current resource constraints. View Full Details »

Published: 17 October 2011

Autodesk & Granta Design Partner For Green Design Software

This report helps product managers and sustainability executives involved in the development of products in their organization identify new software to achieve sustainable design objectives. In the past five years regulators, supply chain partners and end users have put increasing pressure on firms to address the environmental impact of their products. In response to this demand, on March 22, 2011 computer-aided design (CAD) software firm Autodesk launched its Eco Materials Adviser software. View Full Details »

Published: 21 April 2011

PlanIT Valley Provides New Model For Sustainable City

In June 2009, Living PlanIT, a technology firm that develops innovative and sustainable urban technologies, announced the selection of a 1,670 hectare site in the municipality of Paredes in Portugal as the location of a new sustainable urban development: PlanIT Valley. Through the development, Living PlanIT aims to realize its vision of a replicable model for sustainable urban development, revolutionizing construction and real estate industries. View Full Details »

Published: 16 February 2011

Innovative UK Industrial Symbiosis Model Exported

The UK National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP) is an innovative example of industrial symbiosis, where one firm’s waste becomes another firm’s input. International Synergies coordinates the NISP membership network, using regional workshops and a proprietary database to identify opportunities for members to gain mutual value by repurposing waste streams. View Full Details »

Published: 02 August 2010