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Worst Practices For EH&S Software Projects

Date: 28 March 2017

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The market for EH&S software is growing at a healthy pace – and has been for some time. Verdantix forecasts growth of 11% per annum over the next five years and spend of $1.0 billion in 2017 alone. But all is not well in the world of EH&S software implementation: failed projects abound. Customers complain about vendors overpromising and not delivering; vendors moan about consultants over-customizing their software; and consultants diplomatically point out the lack of planning on the part of their clients. This report, based on 32 expert interviews and insights from vendor selection engagements, provides EH&S executives with an honest overview of the worst practices in EH&S software projects. To avoid the litany of errors highlighted in this study, EH&S executives should shape more effective governance, create a vision for their technology plans, invest time upfront in engaging user groups and map out business processes in more detail. EH&S technology governance will get harder in the future with the influx of Internet of Things devices, smart PPE and millennial employees.


Technology Maturity Suggests EH&S Software Projects Should Be A Breeze 
EH&S Software Is Implemented To Achieve A Wide Range Of Business Goals
Customers Have Many Mature And Well-Designed EH&S Apps Available To Choose From

An Avoidable Litany Of Errors Undermines EH&S Software Project Success
Cutting Corners On The Vision For People, Process And Technology Is The First Misstep
Flawed Thinking On EH&S Software Vendor Selection Starts Projects Down The Wrong Path
Naïve Expectations That Software Is A Silver Bullet Compounds Problems
Weak Project Management Undermines EH&S IT System Design And Implementation
Inadequate Data Management Resources Quickly Kill EH&S Software ROI

Recommendations For EH&S Executives With Troubled Software Projects
EH&S Executives Should Expect IT Project Governance To Get Harder 


Figure 1. Market Penetration Of Commercial EH&S Software
Figure 2. EH&S Software Has Converged On A Standard Product Architecture 
Figure 3. EH&S Budget-Holders Articulate Preferences For Different Deployment Options 


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