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Smart Innovators: Environmental Data Management Software

Date: 27 March 2017

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Software designed to aggregate environmental data for compliance purposes has been available for three decades. Environmental Data Management (EDM) software has functionality to support data collection, aggregation and analysis in relation to environmental remediation, decommissioning and pre-construction permitting projects. This report provides users of environmental data management (EDM) software in consulting firms, government agencies and corporations with an overview of the market and an assessment of the capabilities of the 17 most prominent EDM software applications. The study finds that EDM software integrates with but is distinct from the larger EH&S software market. EDM software apps typically cover multiple categories of environmental data including air, water, soil, sediment, noise and biological. Core functionality spans sample planning and labelling, chain of custody and electronic data deliverable workflow, integration with data loggers and a wide range of modelling and mapping tools.


Smart Innovators: Environmental Data Management Software
Regulations Relating To Environmental Pollution Maintain Pressure For Robust Data Management
Collecting And Reporting On Site-Level Environmental Compliance Is A Challenge

Introducing The Environmental Data Management Software Market
EDM Software Integrates With, But Is Distinct From, EH&S Software
EDM Software Handles Multiple Categories Of Environmental Data
EDM Software Functionality Spans Data Input, Analysis And Compliance Reporting

Future Developments Will Focus On End-To-End Integration And Automation
End-To-End Solutions Will Meet New Customer Requirements
Automation Of Data Acquisition, Processing And Analytics Will Reduce Compliance Costs


Figure 1. EDM Software Vendors Sell To Three Primary Customer Groups
Figure 2. EDM Software Is Primarily Used For Project-Related Data Management
Figure 3. Environmental Business Challenges Determine Information Management Tool Selection
Figure 4. Environmental Coverage of Environmental Data Management Software Providers
Figure 5. Functional Capabilities of Environmental Data Management Software Providers


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