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Global EH&S Leaders Survey 2016: Budgets And Priorities

Date: 03 October 2016

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22 pages

Executive Summary

This report provides an in-depth look into the current EH&S landscape – including current budgets, improvement priorities and predicted future spend – across 15 different geographies and 17 unique industry segments. This Verdantix report is for EH&S directors to benchmark EH&S management and budget priorities against other firms in their space and align their strategy with prevailing trends. This report is also useful for suppliers of EH&S services and software to understand which EH&S issues pose the highest risk to corporates, which are a priority for improvement, and which management activities will see increased spend in the near future. Finally, this report takes a detailed look at the penetration of commercial EH&S management software and its various modules, and the probability of purchase over the next two years.


Global EH&S Leaders Survey 2016: Budgets And Priorities
Verdantix Interviewed 301 Individuals Responsible For Environmental, Health And Safety Management

EH&S Leaders’ Priorities Are Shaped By Their Perception Of Risk
Firms Have Ambitious Improvement Plans With Priorities Spread Across Multiple Areas

EH&S Management Budgets Are Growing Significantly In Less Than 20% Of Firms

Software Leads Planned Technology Investments
Still Only A Minority Of Firms Have Deployed Commercial EH&S Software
Deployment Of Commercial EH&S Software Is Set To Continue Its Growth
Firms Are Considering Emerging Technologies To Facilitate EH&S Management In 2017


Figure 1. Geographic Location Of Survey Respondents
Figure 2. Industry Category Of Firms Surveyed
Figure 3. CEOs Perception Of EH&S Management
Figure 4. Majority Of Firms Face A Broad Set Of Risks From Health And Safety Issues
Figure 5. EH&S Leaders’ Perception Of Risks From Environmental Issues
Figure 6. EH&S Leaders’ Improvement Priorities Across Environmental Issues
Figure 7. EH&S Leaders’ Improvement Priorities Across Health And Safety Issues
Figure 8. Size Of Environmental, Health And Safety Budgets
Figure 9. Forecast Budget Change Across Environmental Management Activities
Figure 10. Forecast Change In Spend On Health And Safety Management Activities
Figure 11. Forecast Change In Spend By EH&S Categories
Figure 12. Forecast Fraction Of EH&S Activities Contracted To Consultants
Figure 13. EH&S Commercial Software Penetration
Figure 14. Level Of Software Utilization Across Business Levels
Figure 15. EH&S Leaders’ Investment Plans For Commercial EH&S Software
Figure 16. Emerging Technologies To Facilitate EH&S Management


Devon Energy, DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS), Enablon, EPA, Hess Corporation, IKEA, Intelex, Nestlé, Norilsk Nickel, Powerday, Risktec, Rivo Software, Whole Foods