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Facilities Optimization: Connecting Facility Performance Data With Real Estate Investment Strategy

Date: 08 September 2016

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Executive Summary

Are We Embarking On An Industrial Energy Management Revolution (Webinar)

Over the last 15 years a wide range of software vendors have pitched point solutions to building operators, heads of engineering and facilities directors. These value propositions have gained some traction but haven’t crossed the chasm of technology innovation due to a lack of widespread adoption. In the last 6 months, multiple technology vendors have converged on a shared vision for improving the financial performance of real estate portfolios by connecting investment strategies with multiple metrics for facility performance. At Verdantix, we refer to this as Facilities Optimization Management. This webinar explores how functionality from energy software, computerized maintenance and management software, integrated workplace management systems and real estate management software will evolve into end-to-end platforms that offer a more compelling value proposition than today’s many point solutions. We further explore how this creates opportunities for consultants and FM firms.

Presented by:
David Metcalfe, CEO, Verdantix

Thursday September 8, 2016
4:00 pm GMT Time
11:00 am Eastern Standard Time
8:00 am Pacific Standard Time