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Brexit: Fear For The Economy First – Changes To Energy And EH&S Markets Will Come Later

Date: 21 July 2016

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The UK referendum on June 23rd regarding the UK’s decision to stay or leave the European Union, commonly known as Brexit, resulted in a 52% majority for leaving. In this report Verdantix asks what this means for the energy and environmental markets. The analysis finds that over the short term the economic impact is the tangible threat, with indecision and uncertainty weighing down on capital spend which will slow the launch of new energy generation projects and the environmental services market. Over the longer term the UK faces a huge and messy regulatory review of laws passed in response to Brussels directives as well as uncertainty on new trade relationship until they come into force at the earliest in 2019. Verdantix expects that while some of the more cumbersome energy efficiency measures will go, it is the UK’s sustainability commitments which are most at risk of disappearing rather than core environmental, product stewardship and energy regulations.


Brexit: Fear For The Economy First – Changes To Energy And EH&S Markets Will Come Later
Brexit Opens Up Major Questions For An Energy Landscape Largely Shaped By Europe
EH&S Markets Will Suffer From Lower Economic Activity Rather Than Changing Regulation


Bank of England, Conservative Party, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), European Union, Hyder, Labour Party, Markit, RSK Group, Scott Wilson, URS, WSP Group