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What Can We Learn From Energy Management Big Spenders In Retail?

Date: 31 March 2016

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Maintaining and managing a diverse portfolio of energy-consuming assets is a challenge for firms large and small in asset-rich industries. Those in the retail industry have managed to make the business case for high spend on energy management work, given their situation which combines high energy costs per square foot and a high asset count. Although retail facility managers are able to achieve relatively fast paybacks on many of their projects, they still face similar project investment hurdles as do decision-makers in other industries. This report helps corporate Heads of Energy and Facilities better understand the challenges facing retail firms and how they have addressed these obstacles. This report draws on Verdantix research into energy management practices and specifically the use of energy management software over the past eight years.


What Can We Learn From Energy Management Big Spenders In Retail?
Retailers Are Under Constant Pressure To Reduce Costs
Retailers Still Need To Solve The Universal Challenges Of Energy Management

Retailers Are Moving From Energy Management To Asset And Facilities Optimization
Retail Energy Managers Combine Energy And Facilities Strategies
Asset Management Strategies Are Gaining Popularity With Retail Executives
Executives Should Use Software To Take A Deep Dive Into Asset-Level Analytics
Other Sectors Can Learn From Retail By Focusing Business Cases On Facility Operations


Figure 1. Cost Savings Are A Top Priority For Retail Facility Managers
Figure 2. Energy Management Is Part Of The Facility Optimization Process
Figure 3. Outsourcing Of Asset Management And Renewables Purchasing Set To Dramatically Increase


Aldi, Ameresco, Carrefour, EnerNOC, Formula One, H&M, The Home Depot, Honeywell EnergyICT, McDonald’s, National Retail Federation, Office Depot, OutSmart Power Systems, Phoenix Energy Technologies, Roche Bros., Schneider Electric, Schwan Foods, Siemens, Tesco, US Energy Information Administration, Verisae, Walmart, Wipro EcoEnergy