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ISO 45001 Gets The Ball Rolling For Upgrades To OH&S Systems

Date: 29 March 2016

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Executive Summary

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), best known in the EH&S community for the environmental management standard, ISO 14001, and the quality management standard, ISO 9001, is set to release an occupational health and safety standard, ISO 45001, late 2016 or early 2017. This standard will build upon the current pre-eminent health and safety standard, OHSAS 18001, adding new elements such as overall strategy consideration and planning within the context of the organization. Verdantix predicts that the global corporate adoption of this standard will be gradual and that there will be no major increases in safety consulting spend as a result.


ISO 45001 Gets The Ball Rolling For Upgrades To OH&S Systems
ISO’s New Occupational Health And Safety Standard Improves Upon OHSAS 18001
Corporate Adoption Of ISO 45001 Will Not Lead To Large Spending Increases For Safety Consulting
Safety Consultants Should Combine The New ISO 45001 Standard With Other Drivers To Grab Clients’ Attention


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