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AECOM Carves Out Market For Climate Adaptation With Long-Term Vision

Date: 29 December 2015

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Executive Summary

Over the past five years, climate change related consequences, such as prolonged drought and super typhoons, have remained among the top three global risks both in terms of likelihood and financial impact, as identified by the World Economic Forum. This report helps EH&S directors, chief operating officers, supply chain managers and risk management professionals better understand how AECOM aims to provide services that strengthen public and private infrastructure and supply chains against climate impacts. Verdantix found that while market awareness and action on climate adaptation remains uneven, AECOM aims for long-term success by breaking down ’climate resilience’ into tangible opportunities across seven industries. To maintain influence in the climate adaptation ecosystem, AECOM has sought public and private partnerships to both highlight and strengthen its domain expertise in building infrastructure and climate risk management in supply chains.


AECOM Carves Out Market For Climate Adaptation With Long-Term Vision

Climate Risk And Adaptation Will Remain A Persistent Long-Term Concern
Market Awareness And Action On Climate Adaptation Remain Uneven Across Firms And Cities
AECOM Translates Climate Resiliency Into Tangible Workstreams

AECOM Commits To Long-Term View Of Climate Adaptation Opportunities
AECOM Shortlists Seven Industries With Financial Exposure To Climate Risks
AECOM Beds In For The Long Term With Strategy To Become Central In The Adaptation Ecosystem


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