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Still Room To Innovate: Elster EnergyICT Pushes Boundaries On Energy M&T

Date: 22 December 2015

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Buyers of building energy management software (BEMS) have consistently looked for solutions that help them to understand when, where and how their facilities use energy. This report takes a deeper look into the software functionality associated with energy monitoring and targeting (M&T), as defined in Verdantix Green Quadrant research, and helps energy managers understand how the current generation of energy management software tackles this critical functionality. Verdantix research has identified a standard level of energy monitoring and targeting functionality among software providers, while highlighting the M&T innovations developed by EnergyICT such as integrating machine learning into M&T and facilities management.


Still Room To Innovate: Elster EnergyICT Pushes Boundaries On Energy M&T
Energy M&T Is The Cornerstone of Basic Energy Management
Energy M&T Capabilities Enable Advanced Energy Management Solutions
Vendors Across The Board Provide A Good Level Of M&T Functionalities
Elster EnergyICT Creates A Seamless Transition From M&T To Continuous Optimization


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