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Product Stewardship: The Current State and Near Term Outlook (Webinar)

Date: 10 March 2016

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Executive Summary

Are We Embarking On An Industrial Energy Management Revolution (Webinar)

This webinar will diagnose the current state of the product stewardship market from both a compliance-based and voluntary-focused perspective. Topics covered will include current challenges that corporates face in meeting their product stewardship requirements and goals, the various types of solution providers that offer support in overcoming these challenges, a glimpse into the total current market size for product stewardship, and a near term outlook on how the market will shift, what new issues may arise, and how solution providers are innovating to continually meet and exceed customer demands.

Presented by Trevor Bronson, Analyst, Verdantix

Thursday, March 10, 2016 
4:00 pm GMT Time
11:00 am Eastern Standard Time
8:00 am Pacific Standard Time