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Voltalis Disrupts French Electricity Market

Date: 21 July 2009

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5 pages, 3 figures

Executive Summary

Founded in 2007, Voltalis provides a distributed electricity demand reduction service to the French grid operator RTE. The technology consists of the Bluepod wireless transmitter and electricity modulator which are linked to centrally-controlled “smart grid” software. The Voltalis revenue model disrupts industry practices for peak demand management because it requires payment for reducing demand rather than boosting supply. Commercial negotiations on payment structures will be concluded in mid-2010. Whatever the result, Voltalis exposes the problems electricity industry executives have in shifting from a mindset based on selling more electricity to one focused on energy efficiency and reductions in CO2 emissions. Smart grid technology will disrupt traditional industry practices for years to come.


Voltalis Offers An Innovative Electricity Demand Reduction Service
Demand Reduction Revenue Model Disrupts Industry Practices
Transforming Industry Practices Will Be Slow And Painful


Figure 1. Electricity Producers Balance Supply And Demand With Extra Generation
Figure 2. Voltalis Balances Supply And Demand With Demand Reduction
Figure 3. Transforming Electricity Industry Practices Will Be Slow And Painful

Companies Mentioned

EDF, Efergy, ENI, Ergelis, Itron, RLtec, RWE, Poweo, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Rhodia, Trilliant, Voltalis