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How The Rise Of Energy Systems Integrators Will Enable Strategic Energy Management (Webinar)

Date: 25 May 2012

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Energy systems integrators – a new breed of energy services firm – will reshape the energy value chain as commercial, industrial and utility customers migrate from tactical management frameworks to more strategic approaches. As firms shift from tactical, inertia-based decision-making to innovation at scale, executives need a framework to define and implement successful strategies for energy management. Based on interviews with 250 corporate energy decision-makers across diverse geographies and industries, and in-depth discussions with a panel of 30 industry veterans, this webinar will explain how the rise of the energy systems integrators will enable the shift from tactical to strategic energy management.


Why are energy users moving from tactical to strategic energy management?
Growing risks in energy supply chain amidst booming energy demand
Electricity grids moving from linear to networked
Rising energy costs and energy market volatility increasingly impact financial performance
Ratcheting carbon and energy regulatory pressure
Corporates are implementing global energy strategies with central decision-making
Corporate energy management will change significantly by 2014
Corporates need to gain greater control over energy management processes
More linkages between energy consumption and generation

What is the best practice decision-making framework to implement strategic energy management?
Definition of energy domain
30 energy domains serve as building blocks for energy management
Energy domain example: Data centre
Definition of energy system
Nine common types of energy systems
Hypothetical example: University campus with decentralized generation
Hypothetical example: Rural municipality with 600 facilities
Real example: Songdo international business district integrates a wide range of energy initiatives to create a new top tier city
Real example: New York City’s Empire State Building energy efficiency retrofit
Real example: Pacific Gas & Electric solar grid-tie electrical system
Real example: RWE’s 80MW virtual power plant

How will energy systems integrators enable the transition to strategic energy management?
Definition of energy system integrator
Pyramid of energy system service providers
Strategy and financing
Master planning and programme management
Technology and engineering integration
Data, monitoring and operational management
Recommendations to navigate through the future energy management market

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