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How Sustainability Standards Can Drive Business Performance (Webinar)

Date: 11 March 2014

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Executive Summary

Are We Embarking On An Industrial Energy Management Revolution (Webinar)

Over the past decade UK corporates have been building out sustainability programmes to manage their environmental impacts, reduce resource use and improve their social responsibility. But all companies have come to a critical point where they need to formalise processes to be able to scale them up to all operating divisions. Consistency, deliverability, and standardisation become the order of the day. ISO 14001 is already being used at scale for environmental management, but how can companies gain from energy management standard ISO 50001, or the sustainable development standard BS 8900? 

Join this BSI / Verdantix webinar to understand the real state of UK corporate sustainability and how standards support their maturing strategies. Find out the results of our interviews with 150 sustainability leaders at UK firms across 20 industry sectors: including trends in sustainability reporting and investment plans across 10 different standards. This webinar also provides CSOs, sustainability managers and EH&S managers with best practice case studies of how to leverage sustainability standards to improve business performance.