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How The Era Of Big Data Is Transforming Energy Management (Webinar)

Date: 11 July 2013

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Executive Summary

Are We Embarking On An Industrial Energy Management Revolution (Webinar)Today, energy management is data-centric. The steady deployment of millions of smart meters, sub-meters and sensors globally are creating a “treasure trove” of energy insights for organizations across manufacturing, retail, technology and utilities sectors. But managing the volume, speed and variety of data spanning energy consumption, distribution and generation has also presented new organizational and technical headaches.

Join this Verdantix webinar as we reveal the technology innovations which are enabling firms to overcome these challenges and more strategically manage energy – ranging from software for virtual building audits to advanced analytics for manufacturing intelligence. We will uncover the important trends in big energy data to help Energy Managers, Heads of Operations and CIOs keep up with the transformation of energy management.


What is driving the growth in big energy data? 

What is driving the growth in big energy data?
1. Evolution of data gathering, processing and storage technology
2. Decline in the cost of data storage and processing technology
3. Use of open communication protocols

What challenges do organizations face in managing their energy data?

1. Energy data is getting bigger
2. Energy data is getting global
3. Energy data is getting more varied
4. Energy data feeds are getting quicker
Bigger, quicker and more varied energy data is creating new technical and organizational challenges

Which data-driven technology innovations are emerging within different energy domains? 

Definition of big energy data software
Firms are converging on the emerging big energy data software market from different positions
Seven core functionalities of big energy data software
Six software applications enable firms to more strategically manage energy
1. Energy efficiency project analysis helps energy managers assess the return on investment
2. Utility bill management supports accurate multi-site billing
3. Virtual building audits enable speedy energy efficiency assessments
4. Manufacturing intelligence provides visibility into energy consumption at the asset or process level
5. Smart Grid data analytics help utilities monetize the Smart Grid
6. Utility customer engagement programmes can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty