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Are We Embarking On An Industrial Energy Management Revolution (Webinar)

Date: 12 June 2013

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Executive Summary

Are We Embarking On An Industrial Energy Management Revolution (Webinar)

Industrial organizations have long sought to curb the energy intensity of their production activities. Recent technological advances in the optimization of equipment, process, operators and procurement allow industrial organizations to manage energy strategically as an integrated system. Consultants, equipment and control firms and software vendors are developing and increasing their market offerings to help industrial firms transform their industrial energy management strategies.

Senior executives from firms offering energy services to industrial sectors should join this webinar to discover the key drivers behind industrial organizations investing in energy management along with current and future industrial energy management requirements. Energy professionals within industrial organizations should join this webinar to understand how the industrial energy services market is segmented across consultants, equipment and control firms and software vendors as well as benefiting from Verdantix sharing its Best Practices For Industrial Energy Management.


What is the state of play for industrial energy management? 

Carbon and Energy Regulatory Pressures Are Ratcheting Across The Globe
Firms Are Under Increasing Pressure To Disclose Their Sustainability Performance
Fuel Price Is A Major Concern For Energy Intensive Sectors
Turn Of The Century Witnessed A Dramatic Increase In Fuel Prices
Fuel Prices Continue To Rise
Industrial Firms Invest In Energy Management In Search Of Cost Savings
Security Of Energy Supply And Environmental Compliance Are Geographic Specific Drivers
Lack Of Centralized Energy Budgets And Governance Structures Are The Most Significant Barrier To Investments
What Impact Does This Have?
Industrial Energy Management Budgets Are Growing Modestly
Energy Management Spend In 2014 By Industrial Sectors Varies By Geography
Expectation of Budget Increases Vary Across Sectors
Industrial Firms Prioritize Investments In Energy Data Capture, Management And Analysis
Different Data Streams Present Within Industrial Energy Domain Comprise Big Energy Data
Firms In Energy Intensive Sectors Drive Value From Big Energy Data Through Six Key Usage Scenarios
HSY wastewater unit uses big energy data to gain process intelligence and to optimise the energy efficiency of its operations
Firms In Energy Intensive Sectors Drive Value From Big Energy Data Through Six Key Usage Scenarios
BASF uses big energy data to regulate the operation of its on-site energy generation at its facilities
Optimization Of Industrial Utility Streams Is Increasing In Complexity As Firms Look To Take Advantage Of Supply Side Opportunities
New Britain Oils uses big energy data to enhance its energy procurement strategy
Project Monitoring Is Essential For The Budgeting And Planning Of Future Projects And Investments

What are the different types of industrial energy management technology and service propositions? 

Three Core Components Of Industrial Energy Management Systems
The Supplier Market Can Be Split Into Two Main Segments
How Easy Was That? Not Very! This Is A Closer Picture Of Reality
Two Approaches To Industrial Energy Management: Top Down And Bottom Up

How is the industrial energy management market going to evolve? 

Industrial Firms Transition Towards A Strategic Approach To Energy Management Over The Next Decade
What Does Tactical vs. Strategic Energy Management Look Like For Industrial Firms?
Supplier Market Is Migrating Towards End-to-end Energy Services
Growth In Energy Management Spend By Industrial Sectors Varies By Country
Industrial Firms Are Embarking On A Slow But Sweeping Energy Management Revolution