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Hot Topics In Energy Management (Webinar)

Date: 01 March 2013

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Executive Summary

The global energy value chain is in the middle of a multi decade transformation. A shift from centralized to decentralized generation, supply security issues, major policy changes and higher prices impact plant managers, facilities directors, building information modellers, heads of energy services firms and most recently, CFOs. Faced with such a transformation, these decision-makers must consider energy management initiatives and strategies for their firms. This Verdantix webinar uses case study analysis and unique survey data to reveal the hot topics in energy management in 2013


The Hot Topics
1.On-Site Renewable Energy
Firms Have A Wide Range Of Renewables Which They Can Consider For Their Business
Most Large Corporates Have Deployed On-Site Renewables And Are Beginning To Transition From Small Pilots To Multi-Site Programs
Legislation, Energy Security, Cost Control and Brand Reputation Are Driving The Move Towards Renewables

2. Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicle Hype Will Be Much Reduced in 2013 As Sales Targets Are Re-evaluated
Firms Hold Back From Serious Investment In Electric Vehicles
Despite The Current Headwinds, A Mass Market Shift To Electric Vehicles Is Inevitable Once Its Key Limitations Are Overcome

3. Supply Chain Energy Management
Firms From Across Different Industries Will Focus On Improving Sustainable Supply Chain Performance In 2013
Many Firms In The Consumer Electronics Sector Have Already Established Minimum Standards For Energy Management From Their Suppliers
Firms Which Have Established Energy Reporting In Their Supply Chain Will Start To Look For Performance Improvements in 2013

4. Big Energy Data Analytics
Power Utilities Will Deploy Big Data Analytics in 2013 To Drive Value From Their Smart Grid Investments
Utilities Drive Value From Analytics Through Developing New Service Propositions, Improving Grid Network Management And Identifying Electricity Theft

5. Energy Storage
Energy Storage Will Be The Hot Smart Grid Technology in 2013
Firms Across The World Are Stepping Up The Search For A Commercially Viable Energy Storage Solution
The Pursuit Of An Energy Storage Solution Is Being Supported By Government And VC Funding

6. Employee Engagement 2.0
Employee Engagement Features Increasingly Prominently As Part Of Energy Management Strategies
Low Employee Engagement (And Simply Bad Habits) Contributes To The Gradual Loss Of Effectiveness Of Energy Management Efforts
Early Adopters Have Reaped The Rewards Of Utilising More Sophisticated Employee Engagement Approaches To Help Deliver On Their Energy Management Strategies

7. Shale Gas In Europe
Explosion In Shale Gas In The United States Has Helped To Keep A Lid On Electricity Prices
Shale Gas In Europe Does Not Hold The Same Potential As The United States And Will Have A Far Smaller Impact On The Energy Markets
Europe Faces Added Challenges Around Shale Gas Beyond The Technically Recoverable Potential

8. Global Smart Meter Market
The US Has Historically Been The Largest Smart Meter Market Globally But Will Move Sideways For The Next Three Years 
Europe Will See Stronger Growth Than the US In Smart Meter Deployments In the Next Three Years Driven By Regulation
But China Will Present The Biggest Market Opportunity For Smart Meters Over The Next Three Years

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