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Secrets Of Success For Sustainability Consulting (Webinar)

Date: 01 February 2013

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Executive Summary

The first sustainability consultants emerged over 15 years ago. Since then a wide range of management consulting firms, accounting firms and multi-disciplinary engineering firms have launched practice groups that offer advice on a smorgasbord of sustainability business issues. But what is the size and shape of this amorphous market? What strategies have proved successful and which ones have failed? How do consultancies need to organize themselves to win mandates in this sector now and in the future? This webinar identifies the secrets of success for sustainability consulting by drilling down into Verdantix Critical Moments data on the size and shape of the addressable markets. Sharing insights from 5 years of Verdantix analysis of the leading consultancies and by digging into global survey data on where heads of sustainability will be guiding their C-level colleagues to invest in 2013.


What Do Sustainability Consulting Practice Leaders Dream About?
2006 Big Thinkers Excite The Business World About Saving The World
2007 CEO-Level Climate Change Strategy Advice Booms
2008 Financial Crisis Pulls The Plug On Credit Supply
2009 UN Talks In Copenhagen Fail To Deliver Global Policy
2010 Cleantech Shrinks & CDM Market Implodes
2011 Environmental Risk Management Offers New Opportunities
2012 Arctic Economy Requires Rare Technical Knowledge
2013 Where Now?
Challenges Faced By Sustainability Practice Leaders

Why Have Sustainability Consulting Practices Struggles To Expand And Succeed?
Sustainability Is The Strategic Framework- Operational Programs Get Delivered Through Existing Functions
Spending On Energy, Environment & Sustainability Varies Widely- Most Firms Have No Detailed View On Their Spend
Heads Of Sustainability Lack Budgetary Control Over Most Initiatives
The Sustainability Market Is A Triumph Of Big Enthusiasm Over Small Budgets
Budgets Will Be Flat Or Grow In Mid Single Digits In 2013
The Sustainability Market Is A Triumph Of Big Enthusiasm Over Small Budgets
What It Means For Sustainability Practice Leaders
Critical Moments Cover Spend By $1bn+ Revenue Firms On 29 Energy, Environment & Sustainability Initiatives
Brazilian Market Size & Forecast 2011-16
Brazilian Sustainable Business Spend In 2012 Split By Category
Total Consulting Spend On 29 Energy, Environment & Sustainability Initiatives For Seven Countries
Practice Leaders Need To Distinguish Between Management Consulting And Technical Consulting Addressable Market
Average Spend Per Firm On All Sustainability Consulting

How Should Practice Leaders And Partners Think About The Addressable Market?
Secrets Of Success For Sustainability Management Consulting
#1 Focus, Focus, Focus: No Firm Can Be The Best In Delivering Advice For All Initiatives In All Industries
#2 Build The Business Plan On Hard Numbers
#3 Develop Industry Specific Propositions And Capabilities
#4 Do Not Expect Media Hype On New Topics To Deliver Projects
#5 Conduct An Honest Self-Assessment Of Technical Expertise
#6 Incorporate Cleantech As Part Of Sustainability Innovation
#7 Invest In A Core Team/Centre Of Excellence
#8 Preach Patience Internally, Anticipate Unpredictable Deal Flow
#9 Win "Halo" Projects And Pre-Agree Co-Marketing
#10 Understand Your Brand Preference With Heads Of Sustainability

What Are The Secrets Of Success For Sustainability Consulting?

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