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US Sustainable Technology Services Spending 2011-2015 (Webinar)

Date: 16 July 2012

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Executive Summary

The latest Verdantix analysis forecasts the US technology services market to reach $2.5 billion in 2015. Just five years ago, this market was largely restricted to green data centres but today, firms are spending across 11 separate sustainable technology services. What are these 11 technology services and how does spending vary between them? Which industry groups will be spending the most and what factors are driving these spending patterns? This webinar will share Verdantix’ market-sizing and forecasting analysis of the US sustainable technology services market for the 2011-2015 period and will help Chief Technology Officers, Energy Directors and Sustainability Leaders with sustainability budget benchmarking, sales and marketing strategies, and business planning tools.

Table Of Contents

What Is The State Of The Market For Sustainable Technology Services?
Sustainable Technology Services Definitions
Sustainable Technology Services Projects
State Of The Market For Sustainable Technology Services
Buyers Focus On Energy Management Technologies
In 2011, Spending On Implementation Services Outstripped Advisory

How Can We Best Understand The Structure Of Spending By Large US Firms On Sustainable Technology Services?
Key Challenges In Understanding Sustainable Technology Services Spend
The Forecast Was Built Through Both A Top Down And Bottom Up Approach
The US Technology Services Spending Forecast Was Calculated Using Industry Data And Analysis From Our US Critical Moments Study
The 29 Separate Initiatives Identified In The Critical Moments Were Mapped To The Relevant Sustainable Technology Services
The Critical Moments Methodology Looks At Spending For Each Initiative Across Five Different Categories
The Forecast For US Sustainable Technology Services Looks Only At Consulting And Implementation Spend
The Forecast Also Drew On Research Interviews Conducted With Both Buyers And Suppliers Over The Last Three Years

How Will The US Sustainable Technology Services Market Evolve Over The Period From 2012 To 2015?
US Sustainable Technology Services Spending Will Grow From $1.7bn In 2011 To $2.5bn In 2015 Representing A CAGR Of 11%
In 2012, Spending On The 11 Different Initiatives Will Vary Between $30 Million And $503 Million
In 2012, Industry Spending On Sustainable Technology Services Will Be Dominated By The Utilities Sector
Enterprise Energy And Carbon Management Spend Achieves A CAGR Of 28% For 2011-2015 But Smart Meter Spending Goes Into Reverse
2011-2015 CAGRs On Consulting And Implementation Is Reflective Of The Maturity Stage Of Each Solution Type
Industry Cagrs For 2011-2015 Shows That Firms In The Emissions Intensive Sectors Achieve The Highest Rates Of Growth
With The Exception Of Smart Meters, US Businesses Will Increase Spending Across All Sustainable Technology Services
Targeting Specific Industries Is Necessary For Technology Services Firms To Achieve Success
Sustainable Technology Services Firms Face A Complex And Rapidly Evolving Market Place

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