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Webinar: Moving From CSR To Sustainable Business: How To Reboot Your Sustainability Communications

Date: 02 May 2012

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Executive Summary

Chief Marketing Officers, Brand Directors and Chief Sustainability Officers face a new challenge: how to avoid underselling the strategic importance of sustainability initiatives to an audience that is already disillusioned by green marketing campaigns. Based on interviews with industry experts from 18 firms, including Ceres, Edelman and IBM, this webinar will advise communications executives and senior sustainability managers on building collaborative relationships that reboot sustainability communications.

How To Access This Webinar:

Verdantix clients can access this webinar by logging into their account and downloading the pdf document on this page which contains the link to playback the webinar recording.

Table Of Contents

How Do Companies Communicate Their Sustainability Initiatives Today?
CSR And Green Marketing Yield To Sustainability Communications
Market Signals Spur Sustainability Communications 
Firms Prioritize Environmental Actions Over Social And Philanthropic Deeds
CSR And Sustainability Reports Dominate Communication Channels 
Environmental NGOs, Consumer Watchdogs And Advertising Standards Bodies Are Watching 

How To Move From Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility To Sustainable Business
Sustainability Programmes Have A Clear Commercial Focus Whereas Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Are Targeted At Reputation
Sustainability Strategies Targeting Competitive Advantage Are Not An Evolution Of Corporate Social Responsibility
Firms Face Questions That Corporate Social Responsibility No Longer Answers
Communications Teams Bring Strengths And Baggage To Sustainability

How To Implement Your New Sustainability Communications Stratey?
1). Set The Stage For Sustainability And Communications Alignment
2). Refresh Your Communication Plan Components
Rewrite The Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Playbook
3). Execute Your Communications Plan: Fund, Develop And Measure
Ensure Sustainability Depth When Enlisting Outside Help
Start Communicating About Your Corporate Sustainability – No Matter Where You Are In Your Journey