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Webinar: How To Benchmark Your Corporate Water Strategy

Date: 27 February 2012

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Executive Summary

Over 75% of large global firms have a water strategy. But there are huge variations in the initiatives and targets across water-intensive and non water-intensive sectors. In this webinar we’ll share recent Verdantix research into the corporate water strategies of 100 global firms from 20 different industries to help heads of sustainability, environment and EH&S benchmark their strategy and budget. We will also compare the maturity of initiatives such as water efficient product development and supply chain management. Suppliers of water management services will get an insight into how client requirements will evolve over the next two years.

How to access this webinar:

Verdantix clients can access this webinar by logging into their account and downloading the pdf document on this page which contains the link to playback the webinar recording.

Table of Contents

What is the state of water strategies today?
Verdantix Critical Moments model predicts total spend on water sustainability will reach $1.7 billion in 2012
Widely publicized ambitious water strategies made a splash all over the world about water issues… but it this the norm?
Verdantix surveyed 100 senior executives from 20 industries across 10 countries – The State Of Global Corporate Water Strategies
Verdantix looked at variations between water-intensive and non water-intensive industries
The strategic importance of water correlates with risk exposure
Water-intensive firms see risk where others identify opportunities
Compliance and cost reductions are the main drivers for water strategies
Yet most firms fail to quantify financial benefits

What are the main initiatives undertaken as part of today’s water strategies?
Documented water strategies are common
Reporting water usage is now a generally accepted practice
Despite widespread reporting, targets for water performance are not yet the norm
Water meters are the most widespread technology to support water strategies
Inconsistencies remain in water measurement practices, despite several global initiatives
Over the myriad of water projects implemented in 2011, mature initiatives have been the most successful
What is happening in water strategies today?

How will water strategies evolve over the next two years?
Verdantix Critical Moments model forecasts firms over 5 countries will spend $2.3 billion on water initiatives in 2014
Firms will focus on the implementation of their strategies and the deployment of new equipment to support it
Cost, executive leadership & resource scarcity will be key in driving water strategies
While a majority of firms will focus on delivery of proven initiatives…
… a few industry leaders will target water stewardship
Increasing physical, regulatory and reputational water risks will increasingly motivate firms to adopt stewardship approaches