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Webinar: The State Of Play In Sustainable Business Consulting: Competitive Benchmark Of UK Firms

Date: 20 October 2011

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Executive Summary

UK firms are forecast to spend $1.3 billion in 2012 on consulting for areas such as sustainability strategy, supply chain, reporting and compliance. But how are the UK’s 12 largest providers responding to this growing opportunity? To capture market share, some firms are focusing on strategic or technical consultancy whilst others have developed a holistic sustainability service. Based on three months of research, including supplier and customer interviews, this Webinar will analyze the structure of the market today and identify the leading consulting firms. The in-depth competitive benchmark will help senior executives in management, strategy and marketing understand opportunities and risks for consulting services covering areas such as corporate growth strategy, carbon markets and offsetting, change management and transactional due diligence.

Table Of Contents

What are sustainability business consultancy services?
Definition of sustainability business consulting
Market delivery channels need to be supported by robust and transparent internal operational platforms
The scope and nature of sustainability business consulting engagements is broadening
The majority of customers are still cautious with respect to implementing sustainability strategies
For sophisticated business leaders sustainability is now business as usual
Buyers’ sustainability strategies no longer focus just on internal initiatives
The demand is shifting from strategic planning to roadmap delivery

How do buyers view the market?
The market values sustainability expertise above all
Sustainable business consultants need to communicate robust ideas and capabilities to win buyer attention and mandates
Aligning internal sustainability actions with market facing capabilities is important to clients
Buyers awareness of sustainability business consulting capabilities is high for most firms
This is a crowded market with many types of suppliers fighting to win business

Which firms are best positioned to deliver sustainability business consultancy services?
Capabilities and momentum criteria that firms were assessed on
Verdantix Green Quadrant® Sustainability Business Consulting (UK)
Although the market is crowded, buyers report that not all of their needs are being met
Four questions that buyers must ask themselves when selecting sustainability business consultants
Buyers believe that increasing the depth of expertise is key going forward

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