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Webinar: Benchmarking Telecoms Providers’ Commercial Sustainability Strategies

Date: 01 July 2011

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Executive Summary

The telecoms sector has a huge opportunity to benefit from sustainability trends which aim to cut travel emissions, automate energy data collection, make the electricity grid smarter and reduce data centre energy consumption. But are Europe’s 18 largest telecoms providers responding? This webinar is based on the 2011 Verdantix Green Quadrant on sustainable telecoms, and tracks the sector’s evolution since the first Green Quadrant published in 2009. The detailed benchmark will provide telecoms strategy leaders, marketing teams, product designers and network equipment providers with fresh insights into market opportunities across the European market.

Table Of Contents

What are the sustainable telecoms solutions firms should be aware of?
Sustainable business strategies set out ambitious objectives which are already transforming the basis of competitive advantage
Leading telecom operators have the highest sustainable business spend as % revenue of any business sector
Sustainable Telecoms Defined
Verdantix has identified 10 primary groups of sustainable telecoms solutions in the European market

How do sustainable telecoms solutions support sustainable business strategies?
Sustainable telecoms solutions need to be considered in the context of an emerging sustainable technology ecosystem
Sustainable business plans have objectives that can be supported by ICT solutions
Customer demands for sustainability performance from their telecoms suppliers will continue to increase due to regulation and competition
Senior IT and telecoms managers view ICT as a key enabler of their sustainability programmes
Telecoms hardware suppliers are the most important when it comes to supporting sustainability programmes
According to telecoms buyers, potential sustainability benefits of solutions are often very important in purchase decisions

Which telecoms providers are best positioned to help?
Green Quadrant analysis assesses Capabilities in terms of solutions provided to customers (1-5)
Green Quadrant analysis assesses Capabilities in terms of solutions provided to customers (6-10)
Green Quadrant analysis compares firms on their Market Momentum which consists of strategic vision, customer awareness and corporate sustainability performance
Verdantix Green Quadrant® for Sustainable Telecoms (Europe) 2011
The Verdantix Green Quadrant® assessed 18 telecoms providers on 10 sustainable telecoms solutions with a 0 – 3 score for each solution
The Verdantix Green Quadrant® assessed 18 telecoms providers on 20 corporate performance criteria grouped into 3 high level categories
Comparison with the 2010 Green Quadrant reveals how the market has evolved – Swisscom and Telefonica moving into Leaders Quadrant
What does this mean for buyers?
What does this mean for telcos?

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