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UK Carbon & Energy Software Market 2010-2013

Date: 28 March 2011

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8 pages, 7 figures

Executive Summary

The market for carbon and energy management software is difficult to size and forecast because of market immaturity, undisclosed deals, no centralized budget and a host of other factors. This report helps software suppliers, investors, partners and buyers to forecast revenues streams, plan marketing strategies, define sales strategies, and budget accordingly. Verdantix applied its Critical Moments model, which combines company financial data, an analysis of a comprehensive range of sustainability initiatives, budget breakdowns and maturity assessments, with its existing body of knowledge on the carbon and energy management software market to produce accurate size and forecast figures for expenditure on carbon and energy management software by firms with UK revenues of over $1 billion. Verdantix analysis shows that in 2011 the market for carbon and energy management software will stand at $46 million and will grow to $110 million by 2013. This report also looks at expenditure across 19 industries and how spending is split between budget holders within those industries.


Large UK Firms Will Spend $110m On Carbon & Energy Software In 2013
Two Groups Of Budget Holders Will Account For 90% Of Spend In 2011
Software Suppliers With A UK Presence Will Benefit From Market Growth


Figure 1. Spend On Software Will Reach $110m In 2013
Figure 2. Expenditure Across 19 Industries Will Reach $46 Million In 2011
Figure 3. Industry Growth Rates Between 2010 And 2013 Vary From 41% To 51%
Figure 4. Year-On-Year Growth Rate Is Highest In 2011
Figure 5. Budget Holder Spending CAGRs Range Between 45% And 73%
Figure 6. Budget Holder Spending Varies Across 19 Industries In 2011
Figure 7. Total 2011 Spend Of $46 Million Across Four Budget Holders


C3, CA Technologies, Capgemini, CarbonSystems, Cloudapps, Credit 360, Deloitte, Greenstone Carbon Management, Hara, HP, IBM, IHS, SAP, TRIRIGA