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Market Overview: Sustainable Technology Services (Webinar)

Date: 31 January 2011

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Executive Summary

IT services firms such as Deloitte, IBM, Logica and Wipro provide a wide range of technology services linked to sustainable business programmes. But which provider is best positioned to support your firm?s initiatives in areas like energy efficiency, carbon data collection, smart grid IT systems design, electric vehicle charging infrastructure and sustainability performance management? This webinar, based on our Green Quadrant assessment of the 15 largest IT services firms, provides unique insights into the quality and breadth of sustainable technology service offerings provided each supplier. The analysis also casts light on the corporate sustainability strategies of each supplier for buyers seeking a firm that “sips its own champagne”.

Table Of Contents

What Are Sustainable Technology Services?
Definition for sustainable technology services
Suppliers replace Green IT practice areas with sustainable IT business units –customer budgets to centralize

Which Services Are Customers Investing In?
Buyers focused on carbon & energy software implementation and other established sustainable technology solutions
Buyers continue to implement established solutions and begin to implement emerging solutions
Buyers seek both advisory and implementation support from technology services firms

What Do Buyers Look For In Technology Services Firms?
Buyers look for well developed corporate sustainability strategy from suppliers
Suppliers recognise the importance of partnerships and align themselves with leading carbon & energy software firms
Buyers demand firms „sip their own champagne? when they look to engage on a sustainable technology project
Messaging is critical as customer awareness of supplier offerings varies sharply between firms

Which Firms Are Best Positioned To Deliver Sustainable Technology Services?
Verdantix Green Quadrant® Sustainable Technology Services 2011
Verdantix Green Quadrant® 2011 Capability & Momentum Scores
Verdantix Green Quadrant® Sustainable Technology Services
How can technology service suppliers develop their sustainability practice groups?

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