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HVAC Innovation Drives Deeper Advances In Facilities Optimization

Date: 22 August 2017

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6 pages


While heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have been in existence for more than 100 years, recent Verdantix research has identified a number of technology-driven innovations which are set enhance the operational performance of these systems. This report provides senior directors and managers within facilities, maintenance, energy or estates with analysis of some of the most significant emerging innovations in HVAC systems. These innovations are intended to enhance overall system performance and, in some cases, reduce the total cost of ownership. The report also explores how the trend of utilizing technology to improve the performance of HVAC is just one component of a broader move towards technology driven facilities optimization.


HVAC Innovation Drives Deeper Advances In Facilities Optimization
HVAC Systems Segment Into Four Key Categories
HVAC Technology Innovations Deliver Enhanced System Performance
HVAC Development Mirrors Broader Facilities Optimization Trends


Bosch, Carbon Trust, Comfy, Daikin, enVerid Systems, Honeywell Building Solutions, Johnson Controls, Lenovo, Rifiniti, Siemens Building Technologies, US Department of Energy, Virgin Money.