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Smart Innovators: Facility Optimization Management

Date: 30 June 2017

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A major trend in the real estate industry is the move towards breaking down data and operational siloes to develop better building management processes. The convergence of information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT), coupled with the convergence of software for energy and asset management is acting as a catalyst for dismantling building operational siloes and driving the optimization of facilities performance. Verdantix selected the facility optimization market for a Smart Innovators report because the pace of investment and innovation in this space makes it critical for customers to understand how to get the most value out of the different software solutions. This report, for executives responsible for real estate and facility management software selection, describes how new software solutions transcend the old siloes for energy management and asset management to create a new vision for facilities optimization. It identifies innovations that buyers need to be aware of when considering solutions and provides examples of facility optimization benefits achievable.


Smart Innovators: Facility Optimization Management
Building Operators Walk A Tightrope To Balance Cost And Usability
Stretched Resources Mean Firms Need Technology To Scale Up Optimization Work

Introducing The Facility Optimization Management Software Market
FOM Solutions Encompass Three Facility Operations Domains
Open Integration Across Building Systems Is At The Core Of FOM Innovations
Leading Facilities Optimization Vendors Use Open Integration Of Systems To Stand Out In A Crowded Market
Compelling Facility Value Creation Possibilities Will Trigger Category Growth
Large And Mid-Sized Facilities Will Start To Benefit The Most From Greater Visibility And Control


Figure 1. Facility Optimization Management Focuses on Three Primary Verticals
Figure 2. Facility Optimization Management Vendor Market Segmentation
Figure 3. Operational Impact Of Facility Operational Management On Buildings
Figure 4a. Facility Optimization Management Vendors, Capabilities And Software Applications
Figure 4b. Facility Optimization Management Vendors, Capabilities And Software Applications


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