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Tech Roadmap For Facilities Optimization Technologies

Date: 30 June 2017

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The Tech Roadmap analysis clarifies the business value, pace of innovation and maturity of 28 technologies that optimize facility operations. Verdantix conducted a fact-based assessment of each solution’s maturity, investment case, prospects and lifecycle evolution. Executives and managers responsible for selecting and implementing facilities optimization technologies should use this structured assessment to prioritize spending decisions and shortlist suppliers. The analysis pinpoints solutions that deliver high business value, and the marketing potential of technologies with an eye on their development and progress.


Introducing Tech Roadmap Analysis
Key Questions Answered By Tech Roadmap Analysis
Tech Roadmap Analysis Aligns Investments With Business Value

Tech Roadmap For Facilities Optimization Technologies

Methodology Overview
Five Market Phases Segment Solution Maturity
Three Solution Life Cycles Differentiate Business Value
Solution Adoption And Success Influence Positioning
Pace of Innovation Determines Time To Next Phase In The Life Cycle
Investment Decisions: How To Use Tech Roadmap Analysis
Portfolio Management: How To Use Tech Roadmap Analysis

Phase 1. R&D
1.1 Smart Dust

Phase 2. Launch
2.1 Automated Guided Vehicles
2.2 Li-Fi
2.3 Smart Plug Strips
2.4 Multi-Purpose Sensors
2.5 Drones
2.6 Self-Cleaning Air Conditioning Cassettes
2.7 Augmented Reality for Facilities Operations and Maintenance
2.8 OLED Lighting
2.9 Battery Storage (Building Scale)
2.10 Optical Capture Occupancy Sensors
2.11 Information Beacons
2.12 Embedded Sensors

Phase 3. Growth
3.1 Electrical Equipment with Embedded Meter Technology
3.2 Solar PV
3.3 Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems
3.4 Thermal Imaging Equipment
3.5 Inverter Equipped Air Conditioning Systems
3.6 Chilled Beams
3.7 LED Lighting
3.8 Variable-Speed Drives

Phase 4. Maturity
4.1 CO2 Sensors
4.2 UPS for Buildings
4.3 Humidity Sensors
4.4 Fixed-Speed Motors
4.5 Automatic Power Factor Correction
4.6 Voltage Power Optimization
4.7 Occupancy Sensors (Second Generation)

Phase 5. Decline
5.1 Occupancy Sensors (First Generation)


Figure 1. Tech Roadmap: Facilities Optimization Technologies


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