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IWMS: What You Need To Know Before Buying A Solution

Date: 11 May 2017

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Large organizations looking to consolidate their IT portfolio for managing real estate and facilities data are considering the role for integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) solutions. With a large number of IWMS solutions in the market – all providing varying depths and breadths of functionality – customers have a great deal of choice but often find it challenging to determine which platform and modules will best meet their requirements. What are the critical questions buyers should ask before investing in an IWMS solution? This report provides owner-occupiers, building tenants and real estate investors with the critical checkpoints they need to consider before investing in an IWMS solution. This report should be used alongside the recent Verdantix report outlining the core and innovative software functionalities provided through IWMS platforms (see Verdantix Smart Innovators: Integrated Workplace Management Systems).


IWMS: What You Need To Know Before Buying A Solution
No Two IWMS Solutions Are The Same: Platforms Have Different Architectures And Offer Very Different Functionalities
Eight Critical Check Points When Selecting An IWMS Solution


Figure 1. IWMS Solution Capabilities Extend Across Three Verticals


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