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Eight Exciting Companies Disrupting Facility Data Capture

Date: 09 May 2017

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Within the facility management market, many vendors are innovating to develop analytical solutions to improve building performance. While these solutions often integrate advanced applications such as predictive modelling, most building owners and facility managers continue to struggle with the basics of accurately capturing facility data and gaining access to it from across siloed operational and IT systems (see Verdantix Green Quadrant Building Energy Management Software 2015 (Global) and Figure 1). This report introduces building owners, facility managers, investors and heads of strategy and product development in facility information management software firms to a selection of highly exciting software firms and the specific points that make them stand out.


Eight Exciting Companies Disrupting Facility Data Capture


Figure 1. Improving Data Capture Continues To Be A High Priority For Decision-Makers


ABB, Asset Mapping, Atoll Solutions, bmc, Building Robotics, CBRE, Comfy, Emergence Capital, Enlighted, ETF Partners, Fujitsu, Google, HSBC, HP, Honeywell, Infosys, Interface, Ixonos, Inventure, Johnson Controls, Kaazing, Levaux, Microsoft Ventures, Philips Lighting, PointGrab, relayr, Tampere University, Telit, Tyco, U-blox, Vito Ventures, WeWork, Wirepas, Wovyn