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Serraview Can Help IWMS Partners Deepen Space Utilization Capabilities

Date: 11 April 2017

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Space optimization has become a highly dynamic area of the real estate, energy and facilities information management (REEFIM) market, with a raft of software vendors launching new space solutions based on better occupancy data from emerging Internet-of-Things led technologies. Space optimization has the potential to be a high return activity if it can help organizations to reduce their real estate expenditure and footprint. With great innovation taking place in this market, Verdantix interviewed Serraview, a specialist provider of space planning and management software. We heard that Serraview is looking to take the role of ‘best of breed’ point solution for space management, with a focus on expanding its partnership network with REEFIM software vendors and real estate services providers through 2017. Our analysis finds that integrated workplace management systems (IWMS vendors) looking for deeper space optimization capabilities should review the Serraview proposition.


Serraview Can Help IWMS Partners Deepen Space Utilization Capabilities
Serraview‘s Strategy Is To Provide Best Of Breed Space Utilization Software To Commercial Real Estate Partners And End Users
Serraview Applications Provide Data-Driven Space Utilization Tools By Tapping Into Existing Data Systems And IoT Sensors

Ramping Real Estate Costs In City Centres Create The Need For Space Optimization Solutions
Serraview’s Solution Can Offer Value To IWMS Partners And Large Organizations


Accruent, Asure Software, Australian Government, Bank of Montreal, Beco, Condeco, CoWorkr, Doral Financial Corporation, FM:Systems, GE, Goodman, GPT Group, IBM, Jones Lang LaSalle, Macquarie Bank, Rifiniti, Serraview, Suncorp, Telstra, Teradyne, Yanzi Networks